How does a mortgage broker operate?

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If you’ve ever tried to apply for a home loan through a bank or other traditional lender route, you’ll know it can be one big headache. A good mortgage broker, on the other hand, acts as the go-between between you and your lender. He or she will advise you, negotiate the rate, deal with the paper work and support you right through to settlement and beyond. And all at no cost to you.

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Why it’s best to use a broker

There are many reasons why using a professional home loans broker makes sense. Firstly, a good broker is on your side. He or she will first take time to get a complete picture of your situation and finances, before helping you with advice on the home loan type for you. Your broker will then:

  • Shop around the banks and other lenders and negotiate your home loan rate. This is a process which can be time-consuming and confusing.
  • Do the application leg work, keeping you thoroughly informed along the way. The longstanding experience of a reputable mortgage broker such as ITP Home loans is invaluable here. Every bank has differing guidelines, and sometimes navigating the ins and outs by yourself can cause you to make simple mistakes which can prevent your loan from being approved.
  • Be there for you right through until settlement, and long afterwards, with any advice and help you may need along the way.

Why no mortgage broker fees?

Most reputable home loans brokers such as ITP Home Loans only charge commission from the lending bank or financial institution, after settlement has been completed. So we do all the work, at no cost to you.

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